Web Comics from Rising Artists: Support New Stories

Web Comics from Rising Artists: Support New Stories

June 05, 2020

Support independent comics from Rusumat

Come with Rusumat to discover new heroes and stories from the Middle East. 

Our mission at Rusumat Digital Comics is to support independent artists to give them the opportunity to tell their own stories.

With that in mind, we are raising funds to commission artists across the region to create comics that tell the stories they want to tell and showcase their underappreciated talents. 

We want to create a continuous project that spans 12 months, with the aim of commissioning two webcomics.

The funds raised will allow Rusumat to commission two webcomics in English, Selling Dreams’ and Where is my Son,’ by three comic book artists and writers, from Libya, who will produce two comic books, encompassing 6 chapters, where each chapter will be released every 2 months. Each completed webcomic book will be approximately 120-150 pages.


The Middle East has a wealth of talented artists, but they are limited by a lack of supportive resources. Thus, their stories are often told through the art and words of outsiders and quite often misrepresented. We want to be able to help kick-start their dreams, and allow them to tell their own inspirational stories.

The webcomics will be accessible through the main Rusumat digital comic app for free and will be accessible to all registered users, old and new.

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