Rusumat in the news

Rusumat in the news

April 11, 2020


The new app Rusumat is bringing the long-neglected art form to the Middle East and North Africa.

09/09/2017 08:00

Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster films, like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, were all inspired by comic books that were written more than 80 years ago. This art form has been a safe haven for science-fiction lovers since its creation and is now a key part of pop culture. Unfortunately, the importance of comic book culture has been neglected in the Middle East, but not for much longer it seems.

This new app, adorably named ‘Rusumat,’ was started by British/Lebanese sibling superhero/sidekick duo Ismail and Mira Farhat to create a platform for fans, publishers, writers and illustrators to discover, share, and read comics for all over the Middle East and North Africa. “Together we have worked to push harder and further to make Rusumat a leading app within the e-comic and e-book industry and develop a distribution platform that can showcase the segregated and unrecognised talents from across the Middle East on a global scale” the team shares.

In collaboration with British and Middle Eastern comic book publishing companies like Ophios Studio, Accent UK, Comics Gate, T pub, Samandal, and Asala, Rusumat has a huge collection of your favorite comic books like the ‘Tok Tok’ series and new up-and-coming comics like ‘Dani’ and ‘Quixoticelixir.’ The team have even made sure there’s a variety of languages including English, Arabic, and French, to make sure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. This app is as unique as it's content as it is in terms of user-friendliness. 

“User experience is our main priority, as comic enthusiasts ourselves we want to ensure that the reader gets the full experience of reading a paper comic in a digital form,” Mira tells shares.


Full article by Nour Kamel