Twisted Dark the psychological thriller to twist your mind

Twisted Dark the psychological thriller to twist your mind

April 11, 2020

Don’t be afraid of the dark but be afraid of Twisted Dark.

The Twisted Dark graphic novel series is the ultimate new age psychological thriller spread over 6 volumes of connected stories, twists and thrills.  Each volume contains over 200 pages, with over 100 characters that are determined to unnerve your inner core.

Twists never come at the begin they only come at the end but to understand them you need to start at the beginning.

Twisted Dark Volume 1

11 short stories and 204 pages set the scene and begin you on your journey through Neil Gibson's Twisted Dark tales that start with 'Suicide' and ends with 'The Last Laugh' that most definitely will not leave you laughing.

Twisted Dark Volume 2

Continuing from where they left off in volume 1 the horrors become more evident and deeper, as familiar characters evolve along their obscure journeys and new characters come forward; yet there is familiarity somewhere in the shadows.

Twisted Dark Volume 3

Things become clearer in volume 3; the connections are starting to align but it's only getting worse for the creatures caught in the cross fire, 'described as Neil Gibson’s darkest release to date' the entangled twists come from  'a sinister little girl who just wants a bit of peace and quiet.'

Twisted Dark Volume 4

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worst, when you thought the end was near and the horrors will fade away but it's not over yet; now the 'Wolves' and the 'Little Piggy' have come to play.

In a nutshell, if you have a fear of the twisted darkness of the underground world then maybe you should stay away! Or maybe you are brave enough!

Are you brave enough!?



What Gibson has created here is a marvel. Not only is TWISTED DARK the best self-published graphic novel I have EVER read, this is probably the best indie I have read this year and certainly affected me more than any book I picked up from the major publishers in many, many months.
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“From beginning to end, “Twisted Dark” will have your heart racing with anticipation.”

“Twisted Dark leaves you itching for more disturbing tales.”

The creators

TPub is a British comic book publisher and the creators of Twisted Dark, Twisted Light, Tabatha, Tortured Life, Turncoat, Theatrics and The World of Chub Chub.

Twisted Dark is written and created by Neil Gibson.

Twisted Dark Volumes 5-6 coming soon.

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