June 05, 2020

From Ajdabiya in Libya, Abdullah Hadia graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering from Benghazi University, but he could not ignore his artistic passion and in 2015 established ‘Habka Magazine’, one of the first Arabic manga comics’ magazines.

While he may still be a civil engineer by day, Abdullah did not put his creative work on hold and went on to work as an animation director for the BBC in 2017 and has continued to work as a comic artist, animation director, and concept artist.

Where is my Son

Our world is being attacked by ancient creatures from "where is my son" a time long ago, long before humans ever inhabited this world and now they have returned to take back what was theirs and enslave mankind.

Secret governments from across the world have prepared for this initiated project Super Human Heroes, SHH.

Every country from all across the four hemispheres launched their defensive SHH project in time for doomsday.

But war does not care for who is left behind and even heroes of the SHH project cannot protect their loved ones.

When her son is lost in the devastations of the war she has only one mission now. A mother with no superpowers is unstoppable can you imagine what hell a mother with superpowers can unleash in search of her son.

No one can stop her………. and we mean no one!!!!

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