Why Habka is the ultimate Arabian Manga you should read!

Why Habka is the ultimate Arabian Manga you should read!

April 11, 2020

One of the first original Manga magazine from the heart of Libya, Benghazi, created by a team of Libyan comics artists and manga fanatics to showcase the epic talents of Libyan artists.

With 6 issues and over 160 pages in every issue available in both Arabic and English; Habka Magazine is taking manga stories to a  fresh unique level.

Issue one begins with a series of comics including;

Phi, follows a champion gamer who is the sole winner of an online trivia game that has captivated the world only to find himself sucked into a virtual reality that has put himself and the world in danger.

Super Azaiz, set in a desolate street in Benghazi,  this hilarious comic takes a brilliant jab at four elderly women who seem to have superpowers that all of us can relate to the elderly women in our lives.

Omerta, this is one of those comics that undoubtedly embody the manga genre, where the three children to the biggest mafia family are set to take on the criminal underworld.

Far from reality,  Yo is only interested in his reclusive ways where normal daily life is undeniable mind-numbing, but when he comes upon what seems to be a harmless trinket he is teleported to an unknown world in an unknown time that he has no clue how to get out of. Far from home is fuelled dark mystery and with intense illustrations.

Additional comics in the magazine include;  'The return', 'The Void', 'Heroes of Shadow', 'Sundown Horizon';  where each individual manga comic story carries through to the other 5 issues.

Habka magazine mixes the classical Manga genre with an Arabic fusion that allows Libyan artists and talents for storytelling to come to life and be a real game changer for Middle Eastern comics.

A brief backstory of the creators

Habka magazine was the culmination of Libyan manga fans and friends, who were in their own right talented comic artists, coming together to produce their personalised manga comic and collective.


Noor Al-Deen Al-Houni  Mansour, Abdullah Hadi, Hiba Al-Sheikhi, Malek Al-Haddad and Ahmad started their journey through a simple Facebook page and are still working to continue making their dreams of long-lasting collective or Libyan manga comics a reality.