Pass By Tomorrow

Price: $ 2.99
Age 12
131 pages

Enjoy the complete series of Pass By Tomorrow issues 1 to 7 in this volume. Pass By Tomorrow, is a satirical SciFi comedy that takes place in the year 3014. Where there’s an alien invasion from a planet called Bufu, by it’s emperor Gilga who plans on taking control of planet Earth starting from Egypt. All the while, Egypt is attempting to launch the space shuttle, Koko III, and the Secret Scientific Intelligence has gathered a team of specialists to make sure the launch goes smoothly. Meet the team: Fahmy – the team leader who’s a bit neurotic and bad tempered Sahar – the hottie from the future, who’s a computer expert as well as a fashionista Naguib – a genetically modified super intelligent donkey Ram – a cyborg, who’s an expert in scientific battle techniques Join the team and their futuristic adventures in Pass By Tomorrow!


Writer: Sherif Adel
Pencil: Sherif Adel
Release date: 2016-05-17