The Theory

Price: $ 2.99
Age 12
172 pages

Humans have achieved the seemingly impossible – faster than light travel. Despite discovering hundreds and hundreds of planets that once contained intelligent life, we have yet to discover a single planet where that life remains. These planets have one thing in common – they were wiped out, either by accident or by design. To track and study these dead civilisations, a group of astroarchaeologists have been created to help educate humans on how to avoid the same fate. Seemingly working on the other end of the spectrum, a team of time travellers have been created in secret to help minimise human suffering. They travel through time performing ‘minimal alterations’ to the timeline to achieve this. But are their goals really so noble? Join Linda, the astroarchaeologist and Jemm-r, the time traveller, on an adventure to save our future, and our past.


Writer: Neil Gibson
Release date: 2021-02-02